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We offer competitive credit card processing rates. Contact us today for a free quote!


Merchant Services

If you're a business owner, you know the importance of accepting credit cards.  You also, more than likely, know the hassle and cost of credit card processing and merchant services.  For the past several years we've worked with clients trying to navigate their way through credit cards statements and avoid deceptive credit card processing companies, however we've decided the best way to help our clients is to offer our own credit card processing services.

We've all experienced the typical credit card processor sales pitch... "We can beat your rates, guaranteed!" Only to find out, when the next sales rep comes, that your rates were jacked up 6 months after signing up with the last guy.  Or how about the company that calls in order to "check the compliance and fees on your merchant services account... just send us your latest processing report and we'll take it from there..."  All are deceptive ways for credit card processors to rip you off.  Landmark Business Solutions, Inc has entered the market in order to protect our clients from this deceptive practice.  We ARE going to beat your rates.  

We're going to explain to you what that means, and we're also going to guarantee those rates for 12 months AND inform you if the rates are going up, in writing, 60 days before they do.  Call or email us today for a review of your credit card processing report and see how much we can save you every month.  It's free to find out and we guarantee you'll get better service from Landmark Business Solutions, Inc. than you've ever had before.

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Our mission at Landmark Business Solutions is to help you succeed in business, and personally, by providing you with complete accounting services, and assistance with your tax returns and planning.  We do our work, when and where you need it, fast and accurate, and we believe that taking care to be personally invested in you, will return it upon us again and again.  We see every client, as our biggest and most important.  

As we develop strong personal relationships across our entire region with families, businesses and our employees, we will be guaranteeing positive growth and a bright future for our entire association.  We believe that our staff is better at work, and for you, if they see that they are important to us.  At Landmark, we are committed to fostering an environment full of potential for educational and personal growth for our team members, by providing benefits that support, and a workplace that encourages. The staff you will be working with at Landmark Business Solutions was hired not only because they’re great at what they do, but more importantly, because they care about what they do and the results they produce.  

We look forward to the time we will spend together, working for you and forging a solid relationship that will stand the test of time.

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