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Are you currently paying one of the giant payroll providers an outrageous price for what seems like mistake after mistake?  You're not alone, but it doesn't have to be that way!

Landmark Business Solutions offers full service payroll solutions to fit your company, no matter how large or small.  Payroll can be a daunting task, that frankly you can't afford to do yourself.  Payroll tax laws change constantly and penalties from late or incorrect payroll filings can be extremely expensive.  We provide timely, accurate, and professional payroll processing for usually less money than our competitors.

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ur mission at Landmark Business Solutions is to help you succeed in business, and personally, by providing you with complete accounting services, and assistance with your tax returns and planning.  We do our work, when and where you need it, fast and accurate, and we believe that taking care to be personally invested in you, will return it upon us again and again.  We see every client, as our biggest and most important.  

As we develop strong personal relationships across our entire region with families, businesses and our employees, we will be guaranteeing positive growth and a bright future for our entire association.  We believe that our staff is better at work, and for you, if they see that they are important to us.  At Landmark, we are committed to fostering an environment full of potential for educational and personal growth for our team members, by providing benefits that support, and a workplace that encourages. The staff you will be working with at Landmark Business Solutions was hired not only because they’re great at what they do, but more importantly, because they care about what they do and the results they produce.  

We look forward to the time we will spend together, working for you and forging a solid relationship that will stand the test of time.

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